sniff, cough, etc.

I have whatever usually goes around in February, which is some mix of night-time-sneezing-coughing-finish the rest of the nyquil ad here. I wouldn’t even mind it if I wasn’t the kid in class that is coughing and has to get up to get a drink. I keep hand sanitizing, I keep clean kleenex with me at all times, but there is no attractive way to go about meeting people/visiting with healthy people while sniffing!

Molly–I’m so glad to hear about you reading books that you actually want to! I really need to spend my time more wisely, I have 3 books half finished and I really should just work to finish 1!

Chris–How was drumming this past week? Your note was SO encouraging! I have had some heavy things on my heart lately, and I just really feel emotionally exhausted after this weekend. So i’m not changing things in cars and driving to work far away, but all different kinds of tired really are—tiring. I miss you!

I think it’s those blues that can only be accredited to a seasonal slump. I think of all the things I have that are good and I smile. I think of the time of the year, how it has been difficult for me in years past, and I frown. My continual prayer has been to fix my eyes on the right things, the truly good things, because pressing on is important! (And spring break is soon, so i’m tryin to get out of this town for a second)


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