If you let it…and if you spread it.

Bonjour, mes amis!

I’m currently putting off writing a paper proposal due tomorrow at 9:20am, but I’m getting hungry and have asparagus waiting for me at home, so I’ll buckle down and do it soon…

This weekend was beautiful in so many ways. I have made a hobby out of tracking down winter farmer’s markets, so I found one on Saturday and my favorite microgreen vendor was there; the result is that my fridge is stacked with fresh, hella potent microgreens: broccoli, cilantro, arugula, snow pea sprouts…mmmm.

I had a goal last week of reading 4 books (for fun), and I finished 3 with ~230 pages left in the last one, but it felt really great and I don’t want to rush good books just for the sake of fulfilling a self-made goal. ‘Twill be my next conquer this week ::maniacal laughter ensues::.

Today I’m feeling pretty inspired for three reasons. The first reason is this: MY COUSIN WHO LIVES IN TANZANIA CALLED ME TODAY TO MAKE PLANS FOR THIS SUMMER, meaning that we are both working from both ends to do anything we have to do to get me there for a month or two this summer. AHHH! I am really starting to get excited about this. Please keep your fingers crossed for me!

Second source of inspiration: I had my “Justice League” (social justice living learning community of first-year students) create their own vision board today at our afternoon gathering. The result was pretty powerful, and I think that they were not only allowed to unleash their positive energy and creative juices, but they were able to come to the realization that they all dream about and want to work toward the same things for the community and for each other– they just have had trouble recognizing that and holding one another (and themselves) accountable to those two goals. With the vision board hanging in their hallway to be added to and adapted, I think they will finally have the reminder they may need. 🙂

And reason #C why my heart is feeling light: I get to cook for the EVOKE Scholars yet again on Tuesday because I invited them over. Goodness, I love cooking. On the menu: buffalo tofu lettuce wraps, raisin rice, and roasted veggies with creamy garlic cheese sauce goodness. This week is going to be a great one…I can feel it.

Here’s a poem that appeared on our vision board. I loved it:


Few things possess more Power than
a Thought.

Because a Thought has the potential
to become something significant.
To solve something meaningful.
And to inspire us to achieve great things.

What makes a Thought so powerful
is that it can be created by anybody.
At anytime.
From anywhere.

That’s why Thinking should be encouraged
and nurtured in all its forms.
No matter how small.
Or how impossibly grand.

Because wherever Thinking happens,
Big Ideas will follow.
Minds become enlightened.
Knowledge grows.
And people discover new ways to unlock their

So start Thinking.


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