over the rhine

Pura vida, vaya con Dios: I wish I had a button that I could push (similar to the idea of the reading-helper leap frog) for the computer so the proper accents could be placed on the proper parts of the words….just so my foreign tongue doesn’t mess up something much better than what I could sound out. Someone should invent that, Chris–go ahead and get on that as a part of your web-development way of life.

SO! Today was preview day at BGSU! or, shall i write this more appropriately— BGS-YOU! Everyone loves to complain about how crowded campus is, and I really loved how this was the easiest conversation starter with someone. You could say to a complete-stranger-that’s-a-student: “Wow, campus. psssh. can you BELIEVE the nerve of these people? coming to actually look at campus before they decide to come? the NERVE.” and they would agree!!! anyways, i didn’t mind it. my favorite part was when a tour guide came into one of my classes because they thought the lecture hall was open (and there was a class there, aka me) and then they got very nervous and hurriedly pushed a father and son out. poor kid, he was just trying to see what all the fuss was about.

My nature class has remained very interesting. We took a hike today to note trees throughout the floodplain- it was really neat to note the differences between the native trees and the nonnatives that park rangers had planted. In the 1950’s there was a big push (not for nature) but for aesthetics to “boost” nature, so lots of slow-growing, green trees were planted. This might not be interesting when typed out, but my teacher really has a way with not only her presentations but the way she means the words she chooses.

For Lent! I’m going to give up wearing makeup! I was really nervous about the idea at first, but I think by removing something I do every day will actually mean something. I have given up certain things before (soda pop, meat, pizza, candy) but those are just certain things I can move around. Make-up means get proper rest the night before, brushing my hair, striving too look awake, to not only boost confidence but perhaps an awareness (along with the meanings of lent!) So, the journey begins… with a clean face!


3 thoughts on “over the rhine

  1. Chris says:

    There are several different online tools that would allow you to add the correct accents on the words, but I do like the quote 🙂 "Pure life, go with God". Am I correct? There are a few different translations for Pura Vida, depending on what region of Spanish-speaking folks you want to translate from, but the Mexican Spanish to English gives me "Pure Life, go with God".


  2. Chris says:

    forgot to attach a link, you should be able to type these codes into blogspot and get the correct character with the accenthttp://tlt.its.psu.edu/suggestions/international/bylanguage/spanish.htmlExample below:Á É It's fairly easy, you just need to know the correct code.


  3. Corey Ryan says:

    Pura Vida, direct translation: Pure Life. Used in many Spanish speaking countries (primarily in Central America) as a form of Carpe Diem, pretty much saying "stay pure, live the good life" in Costa Rica it is used interchangeably with 'Hola' or 'Adios'. How cool is it to greet or say goodbye to somebody by telling them to seize the day, live the good life. I love it.Almost as much as I love these blogs


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