an ode to the assholes of the world!

this is an ode to the guys that tried to steal my car!
your finger prints and tools were left all over the place.
you have probably been in trouble before and I will try to put you behind bars!
I would love to be there, and see the look on your face
when the Cops come knocking at your door
now I cannot drive my car in the snow or rain,
because you broke my column that controls my windshield wipers!
You will not be able to steal my car anymore
because next time, it will be an even bigger pain
to break in and start it, and besides, why dont you steal something better, like a Dodge Viper?

If you have never had your car stolen before, it’s a gut wrenching feeling, even though mine didn’t get stolen, now I don’t care for anybody that I don’t know…sure it will pass, but for the time being let me be mad!  Now i am sorting through the insurance shit, and having to borrow my dad’s car for the week, and all kinds of other AWESOME things.  Maybe one of these days, I will get to write about something really cool and fun!

Jes did start student teaching today, and I am so excited for her, but I feel like I could have been a lot more excited had this not happened last night!


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