it looks beautiful already!

chris, everything looks beautiful already. i think that i’m so “three-thousand and eight” because i can use: microsoft word, twitter, and facebook…please do not even fake joke that the website looked good before (that was a default!) thank you for spending a little free time on it!! 🙂

so i have always thought that i was special: before i thought i had a certain magnetic field around me because it seems that street lights perpetually flick off every time i’m near them. or this one time, for a few months straight, (maybe i was sixteen or so?) i had extremely vivid dreams and i didn’t even feel like i was sleeping. FOR MONTHS!
but my recent blog talking about how beautiful j. d. salinger was really struck a chord of E.S.P….he died of natural causes today! i cried at work and no one understood why. it wasn’t because i think he’s the best author or anything like that, but when men have a way with words it truly amazes me. i fell in love with a fictional character–zooey glass–not only because of his description, but because of the character he was created to be.
on a lighter note, i’m road trippin’ to akron tomorrow! erika (my sugar momma) said we can go get a nice dinner and wear heels and visit together. she also lives in a house with a washer/dryer so i’ll be doing some laundry. i’m only planning on going friday-saturday, but sometimes a girl just needs a breather!
molly: i liked your blog about looking at the flowers around your feet. my natural impacts class talks about ways to connect people to the environment, by telling stories of your own experiences. maybe one day when i’m a park ranger i will tell people to look at their feet more often.
bye for now!

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