Jerome David Salinger has not published since 1965

I just left Greek Awards 2009, even though it’s 2010. I think i was the only person in that entire room that thought that was weird. but my sorority won a couple of awards about scholarship and my friend – steph taylor – won an individual award (which i think also landed her a scholarship!) but she is very admirable. her award was actually more meaningful than the overall sorority award for me! it was amazing the amount of girls wearing pencil skirts there. like i bet 80% of girls there had a pencil skirt on–i had no idea these were so trendy. they might not know what year it is, but they sure know how to get ready for an awards banquet.

Shawn is coming over later to watch a movie. I bet we will argue about a movie for about 5 minutes or so, and then he’ll say “i don’t really carrrrrrrrrrre katelyn, you just pick whatever you want that isn’t a chick flick” and i’ll say “i don’t like chick flicks” and then he’ll list every chick flick that i’ve said was sort of cute that he can remember. i honestly don’t care what movie we watch because that watch instantly option on netflix is the coolest invention in the entire world. if someone is unhappy with their life i would recommend they get netflix. it makes mail cooler, you can watch lots of things instantly (with no commercials if it’s t.v.!), and i’m sure there are lots of other cool reasons. do you have netflix? i sound like a bad spokesperson.
“I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.”
-Claude Monet
(if you are reading this message, chances are… i miss you even if we’re never met!)

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