I’m down with Ecru/Cream (Yeah, You Know Me)

To translate my parody title, I’m ok with the new color scheme.
I just fixed the space bar on this public computer so I could blog. BOOM.

It’s been a great past few days. I’ve discovered the fitness (read: yoga) programs on OnDemand, and since I pay my roomie $30 a month for internet I can’t use (stone-age computer, remember?) and cable I typically only use when he suckers me into watching hours upon hours of trash TV (“uhmmm, HALLOOO! Ah yoo DUMB?!”– Jersey Shore) I decided that I should use said yoga programs every night. It’s been an awesome way to end my day!

I also currently have 4 letters sitting on my desk, waiting to be replied to (yayyy!) and I officially submitted my Pass/No Pass form for one of my classes, making my 12-credit hour schedule that much more easy. AAAAND I got 2 packages in the mail in 4 days. Contents: from my mother, my brown flat “snow” boots (not really waterproof) & You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown!. From Matt Forrest, 3 MU shot glasses, a card with a paddleball on it (remember those things?!), a lovely MU shirt that I can’t wait to wear, and…..MY BLACK FLIP FLOPS! Which had been eaten by TKD’s garage couch in November. Never thought I’d see those puppies again.

On another note, the night before I left Elyria, I went to 184 Buh-race to see Jes, Chris, Erin, and Parkerbabyboi and we watched Modern Family & Lawn & Order: SVU. This is only relevant for two reasons: 1) we watched Modern Family in my Comparative Family Policy Class (I have the magical ability to select classes that show TVepisodes to illustrate textbook points), and 2) Katelyn’s hot British friend down there (Sayied from Lost) was the most awesome investigator ever in the SVU episode…and I, similarly, fell hard for him.

This is why we get along.
I am going to go read 80 pages on “the art of theological reflection” for class. Bye-bye!


2 thoughts on “I’m down with Ecru/Cream (Yeah, You Know Me)

  1. Katelyn says:

    i love how jes loves LAW & ORDER SVU so much!! and isn't that guy sooooo beautiful!?!?


  2. mdull says:

    beautiful! beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. 🙂


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