"Horizon meets earth like an unforseen kiss"

This past weekend was interesting, just for the sheer fact that today is January 25, 2010. This date has not made a momentous mark in my short history, but it has been a full month since Christmas. It feels like it has AT MOST been 2 weeks. I can’t believe we’re back in the swing of school things– the semester is well underway, my little brother’s 19th birthday is close, I have a quiz today. People (my sorority sisters especially) love to say “enjoy these four years because they totally will go soooo fast, like you have no idea.” It’s just an interesting idea, that time really does seem to be moving so quickly (for some odd reason) right now.

This by no means was meant to be a philosophical blog, but I was talking to Shawn last night he mentioned how different our friends seemed. It wasn’t anything either of us could put our fingers on, but I was glad that it wasn’t just me that was different. We really are all changing, and time really is passing, and yes–insert laugh here. You may be thinking “it took this girl 4 years at a public university for her to figure out that time passes?” and i suppose that’s justified, but today I realize that time is moving and I’m not really that scared in this mood on this Monday.
On another note, I caught up on LOST! Maybe that’s where this space-time-continuum thought-process came from (since they are back in 1977) but it was such a cliff hanger!! I could not imagine being someone that had to wait week to week to know what happened next!! But i am very excited to see what happens to everyone!! i have so many favorite characters…everyone is so different and crazy. This man is my favorite, for very obvious reasons. (his name is pronounced SAY-I-EEEE’D, and they made him an Iraqi, but he is actually from Great Britain! So his accent is fake, masking a different accent!)
Sayied, and me (on a good day, laughing at his hilarious jokes)
This blog looking back looks like i tried to be profound. i am watching a movie, listening to music, AND i have my homework in front of me….so perhaps i should focus on one thing at a time before i start rambling.

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