Because it’s Sunday night before MLK day?

Well it is in fact Sunday night at 8:48pm (assuming you cannot read the time and date links) and I’ve stumbled across the blog…I am sorry to say this is my first post since 2009 (but no time for apologies right?). I’ve successfully completed my first week of Teaching Methods. Not so bad yet, though I am overly nervous for what the future weeks hold. I met my class on Friday: I will be teaching a 5th grade class in a city called Fostoria.

Fun facts on city of Fostoria:
1. 5 State Highways and 1 U.S. Highway run through it
2. Named after Charles Foster, the 35th Governor of Ohio
3. Falls into 3 different counties
4. At one point in time housed the largest industrial producer of glass
5. Ranks #3 in medium cities with the most mobile homes by percentage
Beyond school, I had an interesting experience yesterday. As I parked my car in front of my house, I noticed about 7 old men and one old lady taking pictures of each other on my front porch. After multiple closer looks, I realized I knew none of them. As I approached my house, one of these old fellas asked me “Hello there, are you a 317-er?” At first I was unsure of this phrase, but I soon realized that these old men once upon a time lived in the same house I currently reside in, 1973 to be specific. As I welcomed them inside, I heard outrageous stories from their years in college just 37 years ago (that’s 13,505 days). We came to find out there once was a 2 story back porch on our house and someone actually lived in our unliveable basement! They then took a group picture going down our staircase.

All in all, this rare encounter with our roomies-from-the-past got me thinking of two things:

1. How different “college” has changed over the years
2. How much “college” hasn’t changed a bit

Even more so, it amazed me to see these 6 friends, who originally came from all different backgrounds, reunite in their 60s to remember the fun times they once had. I only have a few months of “college” left. I’ve decided now is better time than any to make more of those memories!


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