i have cabin fever

things that made me happy:
1. my environmental science class is going to be so cool! i can tell already, it was our last day in the classroom today!
2. my biology of aging professor knew my name and i have never met her? but she guessed right? and i smiled way too big in front of my class after that?
3. dinner date with good friends. but they are making me exercise first before i can eat. which is suppose is positive, but a long ride on the ellipitcal doesn’t sound like a walk in the park if you know what i mean.
4. my roommate (that always cleans) cleaned the whole house (because it terribly needed it) on a day when i wasn’t willing to serve others. which made me more willing to serve my friends! so the house got cleaned and my heart lightened up a little!

things that are making my boots heavy:
1. i have cabin fever and it’s only janurary


One thought on “i have cabin fever

  1. mdull says:

    did you see eric's latest post?! http://apt212.blogspot.com/2010/01/im-rich.html#commentsthe commenter– his sister, whose name is KATELYN– wrote a phrase for when she's angry. what is it, you say? "really makes my socks wet." and before i read your entry, HEAVY BOOTS is exactly what i thought of! i wondered if she read/loved the book, too…things that made me happy:1. katelyns. universally.


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