my nanny & lepa keep the thermostat at 76 degrees

snowboarding was a blast! my legs are really sore, exercising before might have been helpful.

now i’m back in ohio. my brother and i are staying in columbus until christmas day around 1 p.m. or so… we are arguing so it’s nanny and i all the way. i’m reaching my family-critical-point in which case there is no where to go, but i cannot stay here much longer. bless their hearts.

we got sandwiches from this place called PJ’s or JP’s or something and they all have inappropriate names for the sandwiches. i got a “phat phuk” which was really just a spicy chicken sandwich (i’m eating meat again, sort of). the sandwiches were huge though, and fries came ON the sandwich.

well everyone, goodbye from columbus… O-H—–


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