Tour de Ohio

busy couple of days!! phew!! to recap: i worked friday morning and we had a line out of the door by 7: 30 a.m. (and TWO people called off!) so my cheeks got really warm and i powerwalked around our little store in my nonskid shoes. i had a few visitors! shawn brought a can in and got his 5th free latte, latoya came in to say goodbye, kirsten was meeting with ESL students so she got her usual. it’s good to catch up with people, even if i am working for “The Man” while it’s happening.

so i took a medium-long nap after work, packed/cleaned the college house, and caravan-ed home. welllllll just beyond home, i went through elyria to akron! erika’s 24th birthday celebration! what a trendy night!! (i did not see lebron) i think i walked around with a surprised look on my face the whole time–everything was so fancy: the dim lighting, 20-somethings with dark eye make-up, men in sweater vests. i sort of felt like a 12 year-old wearing erika’s soft makeup. it wasn’t that i didn’t fit in, but no one else was honestly realizing how beautiful everyone was that was there. it was a night i will remember most definately. erika did break my heel when i tried to get her up the stairs, but i will spare her the embarassment of what happened after that. ha!

so drove from akron to elyria, did laundry, played with the dog. my brother was rather frustrated that he put all the ornaments on the tree by himself, but it really really looks great (holler at the little sibling!!!) and then i threw all the clean clothes in the car and john and i drove to columbus. (i did not fold, who’s got the time) and now i’m in columbus as i blog!!!! we’re watching the news, nanny is not happy with little kids at a columbus middle school sending “sexts”–she keeps talking about it and it’s making me uncomfortable.

tomorrow we’ll be driving to new york to go skiing/snowboarding at holiday valley! we will be there for a few days, i think i’m going to get a lift ticket for half the amount of days (a full day and the evening of another) and then read in the lodge and drink spicy bloody marys slowly. i’ll be in columbus through christmas day, then be back in elyria on christmas day (nighttime). kind of re-arranging the traditions, but getting amped about the big birthday! (Jesus!)

i miss my friends from home. i miss the ones i see a lot and the ones i get to see a little less. i miss the ones i haven’t talked to in 1 year and 3.5 years (to be specific). not only am i going to finish my application for graduate school, but i’m going to read LOTS, drink less coffee, sleep more, kiss (hopefully more, if i’m lucky), and overall be more like sarah jessica parker. just going with the flow, just doing that thing…

(nanny is now talking about how her and lepa are better dancers than most people will ever be, everyone stopped at a wedding to form a circle around them while they jitterbugged)

this post was long. hope you stayed with it.


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