i started this blog on my ipod (which turns out to be very difficult when your fingers are fat and you’re trying to use some sort of puncuation) when i was TRADING AND GRADING my final exam in genetics. the list as to why i think this should be illegal at the university level could go on and on forever. (if we ever run out of things to talk about, ask me what i think about trade and grade and then let’s go!)


My semester is finally over. I’m now going to the bar! It’s 11:46 a.m.! Yeah, braahhh!!! (but on the real i really am going to bw3’s and i really am getting a beer before i make peppermint mochas which i will not hate as much as my previous post)

If you’re still in the school mode: God speed!
If you are finished: I understand why you’re smiling about because some things really are funny.


One thought on “FML.

  1. Katelyn says:

    disclaimer: last sentence does not make sense. so SMILE about that! ha!


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