i like that train song, too

things finals week has made me realize:

1. i do not smile when i only have 2 hours of sleep. even if something’s funny i’m laughing through a straight face.
2. i hate brewing coffee….more specifically, i hate making peppermint mocha’s with no sleep. The peppermint syrup was actually making me nautious (sp? wanting to throw up?) and freshmen kept coming in wanting to spend the rest of their meal plans…in turn making me nautious they had that much m$$ney.
3. i have really bad posture while i study, or take tests, or sit in uncomfortable chairs.
4. population genetics is actually worse than genetics alone, because they had to go get all specific with it.
that is all! i miss molly dull! that sort of rhymes! oh boy, i wish i had more tiiimmmeee!

One thought on “i like that train song, too

  1. mdull says:

    i cackled when i read #1 on your list. seriously. i'm glad i'm in an empty house right now so no one could hear how embarrassing that noise was."nauseous." i spelled that right without even having to look it up! (though i DID look it up to double-check. how arrogant would i have seemed if i'd corrected you with an incorrect spelling?)i miss you too.


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