So Gangster, I’m So Thug; You’re the Only One I’m Dreamin’ Of

Welcome back, Cotter!!!!! (I’m going to go watch that Scrubs episode as SOON as I finish this post….)

So it’s been a while. I quit when the going got tough, and then once again, the men of apt212 inspired me to get back on my horse. (katelyn’s desperate cry for help on my facebook wall also worked in this way)

It’s WINTER BREAK!!!!!!!!! It feels soooo good. Only 1 semester left. Looking forward to that. So in the spirit of list-making (Santa, Kate, and apt212 are all doing it), I have a list of things I am planning on doing over the next 4 weeks of down time:
-Reading 5+ books
-DM QT, including lunch with Shep
-NYE in Chicago
-Looking at summer internships
-Looking at full-time jobs
-Prowling for a 3rd roomie
-OASC coffee talks with old friends
-Luchita’s margarita’s with M. Smola
-Journaling my face off
-Missing Loyolacappella like mad (youtube channel— check it out)
-Writing all my overdue penpal replies (thanks for your patience, yall!)
-Re-learning French by conversing with Ed, reading books en francais, & buffing up on my vocab

Pretty ambitious break when it comes to tackling leisurely activities. I am so up for the challenge.

Quick thought of the day:
There is no wilderness so terrible,
so beautiful, so arid and so fruitful
as the wilderness of compassion.
It is the only desert that shall
truly flourish like the lily. –Thomas Merton

It feels so good to be back, friends.
Peace and love!


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