To wear leggins’ as pants: appropriate or not?

so today i changed my facebook default to be a picture of Firefly luciferase because it looks cool. and because it’s what makes them light up, which not only makes the structure cool but the function cooler. i’m not sure if this is a side effect of finals week or i’m losing friends…or both.

so is it appropriate to walk around with what essentially is just a pair of tight long johns? i once thought: “do not do this, you are obnoxious, you are either too skinny or have much too much to love to be wearing that” but then i bought a pair of leggins’ for halloween (to be the bottoms of my tetris block) and i put them on this morning. shawn was not impressed, but he was also in a terrible mood so i wrote that one off. two girls looked at me sort of weird, but one of them couldn’t get her car door unlocked so who’s the real idiot? basically, i think i’m making a poor ensamble decision, but they are bright purple and they are on and they aren’t coming off until to(night)/(morrow). i just didn’t know if other people had opinions about this topic. am i the only one that is reading this anyway? is anyone out there???

i know you were totally wondering about my saturday night…i crumbled under peer pressure and went out to a christmas party (and then to kami’s). and i only ordered water at the bar (added to my coolness, see “firefly luciferase” at the top) so i woke up feeling great! glad i did that, little stressed now, but at least i can remember latoya spilling chocolate syrup down her face trying to take one of those ridiculous peppermint-mouth-shots instead of my desk chair and butt together.



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