reasons why I have no business going out the saturday before finals:

1. the girl that was going to “keep me in check”‘s self control just kicked in and she is no longer going out.

2. i have $5 to last me for 6 days, and i have no: milk, bread, peanut butter, crackers, little coffee, and i know this isn’t a food product but i only have 1 pair of clean socks left.
3. i have not showered nor do i have a weather-appropriate outfit (even by sorority girl’s standards it is too cold to wear simply a black-north-face-fleece to power walk uptown)
4. i had a dream i was on the disney channel’s original t.v. show “bug juice” last night so i woke up exhausted from being a camper. (See:
5. i will be the last person to shower tonight, therefore i will have no warm water.
6. see #5
7. see #2, section 6: “little coffee” (this will soon prove to be a problem)

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