the fun has arrrriiivvveeedddd (thank you, thank you very much)

well, after spending the evening shopping at the toledo mall i have come to a couple of realizations! there is a lot of blogging material wandering around a shopping mall at this time of the year. and ironically enough, they don’t even know how blog-worthy they are. the little kids on leashes that don’t know they are tagging along getting presents bought right under their very eyes, the mom jeans, the tweens, the little boys that be thinkin’ they thugs. it was a very fun night though! my roommates (andrea, katie, latoya, + a friend molly) piled into the jetta and we spent a few hours buying presents and eating!! finally starting to feel a little more like christmas time and a little less like 40 mph winds with no snow to show for itself.

finals week is here! i’m not sure why bowling green is so behind everywhere else, but i’ll be done thursday and then i have to brew coffee (no one is getting starbucks on friday morning at 7 am when i have to get there…) and then i’m going back to the e! everyone is going to a party tonight (it’s saturday). do they know that it’s finals week? who am i kidding, i’ll probably go and regret it while i’m there and regret it more tomorrow. pray for my self-control to kick in at any time here.
genetics is the worst class i have ever taken in my life. so i fill out my evaluation and i actually give the teacher bad scores (which i never do) and then she announces “well, some people read these but i’ve been on tenure for the past 15 years so what’s it really matter.” i hate her!!!! whyyyy are you wasting my time? you can’t tell me about hardy weinberg or post-translational modifications a eukaryotic cell makes, AANNNDD you aren’t even going to read my evaluation!?!? that was a lot of complaining, SIGH! maybe she’s a good person. i better get an A.
g’bye for now! i did not proofread!

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