More bulletpoints because this blog is lonely and pathetic.

I am so jealous of the residence formerly known as apt212’s ability to continue blogging diligently for audiences despite the distance put between them. This is obviously not the case for this blog team. 😦

Before bullet point updates, I’d just like to selfishly share/reflect on how GOOD I feel about life and all that this year is bringing. Sure, lots of it is shadowed with uncertainty, but that uncertainty can also be translated into an openness to be carried wherever I am able to best serve and learn. To me, there seems to be a very powerful, positive energy flowing through campus, Chicago, the world, and my relationships with others. I hope I don’t come down from this perfect high anytime soon….

-I have a cat. Her name is Dorian and, yes, she knows how to F-E-T-C-H. And she does not make me sneeze. It’s ok to be jealous for good reason.

-I am currently working on my “I swear I’m actually going to keep up with my reading for classes” goal…And by working on it, I mean I’ve got it pulled up in my other tab while I blog. It’s 10:15pm and I have a poo-ton to read before classes tomorrow. Such is life.

-I love my neighborhood. Come visit, or at least ask for my address and we can be penpals (though realize that this offer means that you will directly serve as a roadblock to my aforementioned personal school goal)!

-I am only spending 8.5 hours every week in classrooms=SPECTACULARLY freeing to my mind. Where, do you ask, is all my time going then? I am not going to bore you with the list of meetings and people who absorb most of my time, but I WILL tell you that Loyolacappella is already the shizzy and we haven’t even had auditions yet (Sept 9-11, holla!), the Social Justice LLC is rockin’ and my students are grabbing Rambler life by the horns, and Companions are out and about attacking ResHalls like it’s our unpaid job (because it is). I also have to pick a site to do my SOWK 200 service learning at; I’m currently crossing my fingers to get my foot in the door for a treatment center for survivors of torture so that’s new and challenging. Wish me luck in that endeavor. 🙂

-The lovely and handsome Patrick came to visit all last week! We didn’t do hardly anything I had originally planned to show him, but we had a lot of porch talk and I consumed an ungodly amount of hot tea from my collection, so I would definitely consider it a successful week and wonderful bonding time (nevermind the fact that our sleep schedules were so out of whack and not really in synch– I slept from 7:30pm to 1:30am on Saturday but I was fully energized to go wherever is OPEN at 1:30am!).

I miss my best friends and I wish they would come back to me in blog form.


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