Procrastination Fascination

Thought I’d keep Kate’s rhyming title trend going.

So I move tomorrow. And based on my moving experience from less than a month ago, I bet you can predict juuuust how far along my packing is going. Bright side: I was up LAST night ’til 3:30 am packing until my mom came and told me I was keeping her awake because she could hear me in the basement. So I went to bed.

I’ll attempt to keep this brief (first time ever? perhaps), but here are some highlights of my recent life:
– I saw shooting stars last night because of the meteor shower!
-Put In Bay was great fun!
-I had a surprise breakfast date with Patrick today at First Watch!
-I am moving in tomorrow!
-I get paid next week!
-I roadtripped yesterday and saw LOTS of really awesome people! I also went on a picnic on Tuesday and saw LOTS of really awesome people then, too. 🙂
-I get to have catch-up playtime with Austin sometime (more than once, even?) this weekend!
-I have talked to Salsa, Shawn, Jes, Chris, Katelyn, Dong, and Jacqui in less than a week’s time– it’s a rare occasion that so many of my best friends and I are all communicating at once!
-I am getting SO EXCITED for this year’s activities– Loyolacappella, Social Justice Learning Community kids, Companions…We have such great energy and we aren’t even all together yet!

And some lowlights, too, just so you aren’t consumed with jealousy or anything:
-My TKD key got temorarily (?) revoked by Matt Forrest (Austin, back me up!).
-My boss left Loyola this week and the only reason I know is because she sent me a mass email at 2pm on the afternoon that WAS her last day. Mind you, this is the second boss from the second department I work in at LUC that has had a boss leave this summer…I am sad.
-My mother keeps getting mad at me for reasons unbeknownst to me.
-One of my scholarships is currently messed up and has potentially altered the state of my financial standing for this year. Whaa whaaa.
-Did I mention my inability/lack of desire to pack my life away?

Bye babies. 🙂 Next post I write, I’ll be settled happily in my new plizzace!


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