I always get talked into going to PIB.

For the record, Pia told me his cliffhanger debut was coming. I’m still losing sleep over what’s to come…really.

So I went to Columbus for the last 2 days. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple: I needed a haircut, and my favorite stylist (you Cbus people should give her some business at Archie B’s– 1104 High St) recently moved from up here to down there. While I don’t actually care that much about hair, I do care about having quality conversation if I’m paying $35+tip for someone to shear off my dead ends, so she always wins out and I refuse to commission anyone else for the job. (She also gives awesome cuts with little-to-no instruction.)

Anyway, I decided to make it an endeavor, so I went for 2 days instead of a 45-minute hair appointment. I didn’t tell fellow DGCW teammate/blogger DanDan that I was there, and he’ll never know because he doesn’t even remember that this blog exists (remember my list of predictions from post #1? CHECK IT OFF.). Turns out he was probably macking on his visiting girlfriend, so he probs would have ignored my call anyways. The first night, we called random friends to go to dinner (we were already in the parking lot of the restaurant when we invited them…oops) and then we went to Ugly Tuna. Of course. Where else would we go? I GOT TO SEE TIM NUNN– for all you OASC followers, his hair is short, he is doing awesomely, he has a job for the fall and he rides his bike everywhere while sporting a yellow helmet. 🙂

On Wednesday, Patrick took me to Northstar for lunch, where I ate the most excellent foods I’ve ever had (complete with a bombtastical strawberry smoothie!) and we took a stroll in the rose garden, where we saw a newly engaged couple looking so in love but then saw them fighting in the parking lot 15 minutes later. Ahhh, that’s amore. We ventured south and visited 7 baby kitty cats who need to be adopted and my heart was stolen by them; I’m seriously considering taking one in, even though I’ve never had a cat and, as I told my sister, I am “mildly” allergic. Minor. When we went out that night, we ended up at Tuna yet again, and let’s just say the end of the night was not pretty. Leslie got an unforgettable voicemail from Couch and me, though, so the night was not a complete wash. 😉

Jacqui and Shabizzy tag-teamed me and convinced me to go to Put-In-Bay tomorrow night…Again.
After I had originally told them absolutely not and been certain I wasn’t going…Again.
I am already really broke…Again.

The memories will definitely be worth it, as it is the Bally Brothers Birthday Bar Bash (Shawn, were have you BEEN on this blog?!). I’m not wearing white shorts this time, and I am NOT allowing cameras around me after the pictures that surfaced last time I went. DOUBLE YIKES on my part.

Other highlights of my life:
Rascal Flatts tonight!
Moving into 5307 a week from this moment! YIPPEE!!


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