In need of some late-night entertainment?

Well first of all, you’ve come to the right place, and is more than happy to have you at all hours. We’re even open on holidays!

Second of all, if you are facebook friends with me (and if you aren’t, don’t request me unless i know you because that’s really creepy, cyberworld), you should look at my wall. I’ve been peeing my pants/crying from laughing because my “kids” from camp last year are writing poems about me on my wall. They literally took over the ENTIRE thing.

WARNING: They are somewhat raunchy. Parental discretion is advised.

There’s a back-story to the “poems”; they’re called “Introduce Yourselves” and we do them at the middle school camps every year to describe/tease all of the staff-os about traits, inside jokes, or slip-ups that may have been a trademark of that person for the week. Obv, they’re much more mild and light-hearted to suit the minds of the audience. The 2 people writing them on my wall are not only my former campers, but they’re also counselors for those middle schoolers. And tonight, they are choosing to use their power for evil rather than good. MUAHAHAHA.

Here is a snippet to grab your attention:

My name is Molly
I love, “That’s what she said,”
but in reality,
I have no experience in bed.


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