Molly! You have been so productive on the blog! Pat-on-the-back-from-afar!

So this weekend consisted of a whole lot of nothing. Saturday I sunn-ed with the roommates for approximately five hours and my skin is ivory, so now it is red. A couple good sun burns a year (please muffle your ears, surgeon general) actually feel o.k. to me, let’s me know that i’m still alive, eh? But we ate popsicles, snuck into the pool that i was once kicked out of, and successfully went swimming.

Today I babysat two little boys (like age 2 and the other 10 months? 8 months? I’m bad at guessing ages, but the older boy can count and loves to say “mine, no, stop that, etc.” and the littlest one says nothing but stands for about 10 seconds before falling) It was pretty easy, but my navy shirt still has gunk on it from unspecified amounts of slobber. It’s nice getting out of the Bowling Green bubble though, even if i get pinched for a few hours.

Kevin Doan is bringing a Bulgarian friend (spelling?) from Put-In-Bay to Bowling Green tonight. They have called a couple of times already. I think they let you drink on the ferry on a Sunday night, so it’s difficult to say if Kevin and his island friend have started yet or they are just really happy to make outgoing calls. So i need to make myself look presentable sometime soon, I just really dont have the desire to get off my Nanny’s couch and reach for the clinique. Only 2 more weeks of work!! I have a really big poster presentation on Aug. 14 (i have to wear a suit!) and then I have a week off before school starts–I think I’m going to go home for a couple of days and kick it with la familia.

my dad accidently texted me something meant for his lady friend today. nothing too creepy to read, but it did say “glad you finally got some rest WINK FACE ” and that made my food come up a little bit in the throat.


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