My back hurts.

…from all of the hardcore carrying I’m doing on this blog. Teammates? Hellooooo?

Quick snapshot of my current interests, a format stolen from

Listening: Pandora, Colin Hay station. It’s mostly bringing up Mat Kearney, Dave, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Jackson Browne, and the man himself– Colin Hay. I’m absolutely adoring it, nevermind the fact that it sometimes reads my mind and freaks me out.

Watching: How many times a day I eat because I despise having to rinse my wisdom holes with saline solution. And when I do eat, it’s pretty much a certified binge because I have to make the 20 minutes of rinsing worth it.

Reading: A Million Little Pieces by James Frey, and passages in letters from my best friend Katelyn Marie Bonko.

Wearing: My signature teal gauchos!

Wanting: Furniture for my new apartment’s living room, endless amounts of postage credit, Wednesday.

Keep your eyes peeled for the sporadic reappearance of this format! 😉


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