Wise Update.


I got the partially-impacted quartet removed yesterday around 9:45am, leaving my awesome supernumerary at peace in the top-left corner of my jaw. While I made a little joke about the anesthetic in my last post, it was seriously the only thing about the procedure that freaked me out because I’ve never been put under before. I considered requesting just a local instead, and decided to look up a few testimonials. The funniest one I found involved someone who requested local from a surgeon who was not used to operating on people who were awake, and thus was also not used to paying any attention to the gag reflex of a patient. Long story short, the patient “ended up barfing blood on [the surgeon], which was a joy for all involved.” I seriously almost died of laughter and secretly hoped that I would be able to walk away from my procedure with a hilarious story like that. Alas, I didn’t go with the local and everything turned out fine.

I am also not loopy in the least from any of the drugs. I woke up around 1 yesterday and was BORED out of my mind because I felt too weak to get out of bed but too awake to just lay around and act sick. My sis was cool enough to come up and play cards with me, but we laugh too much when we’re together so that obviously brought about a little pain for my stitched gums.

I woke up today looking like a blowfish, which was surprising because yesterday I was barely even swollen. Contrary to what a really special person told me, I am not the cutest chipmunk you’ve ever seen. And I will not send any of you pictures of my hibernation sacks. No exceptions.

Today has been full of 3 things I love: back-to-back Golden Girls episodes, the Scrubs “roof toilet” episode, and pudding (sadly, sans Bailey’s). Hopefully the healing process is already on its way out.

Bye, blog friends. And welcome back into the country, Sir Austin Fast! 🙂


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