Slacker McGees & My Lack of Blogtime.

The first half of the title is dedicated to everyone else who is part of this blog, which has unofficially (in an unintended way) become my own personal blog.

The second half of the title is the starting point of my blog. Now, we all know I suck at using fewer rather than more words on this thing, as I’m a little keyboard happy, but also keep in mind that I’ve had no TRUE internet access in almost 2 weeks. Does that count for nothing?!

1) Oxford. Many of our followers follow apt212, which has fully documented pretty much every moment of our night, either through the blogtastic description of events or through picture/vid posting on facebook. For those of you who don’t follow (you definitely SHOULD), the night pretty much involved intense games that resulted in me being called a whore by my childhood soccer buddy because he was losing. Another highlight of the trip was me beating Nathan in a game of beer pong that was TOTALLY not captivating to me; I somehow pulled off a lucky/aimless shot that went into the cup Nathan was drinking out of, thus resulting in his immediate defeat. ::Virtual high five:: goes out to my teammate and good friend, MU Student Body Vice President, Adam Harris!

2) OASC Senior High Summer Workshop 2. UGHHHH! It was such an incredible week. We had 28 absolutely beautiful delegates who were way too clever and were able to discuss what they learned from every activity without us having to guide them very far. They grew so, so much as a group and learned so much about themselves and each other. I ended up saying at the end of the week that it is people/groups like that who make me feel so proud and blessed to have my “job” as a camp counselor. My “day” that I am in charge of is Tuesday (for reasons I will not speak in the off-chance that future potential delegates tune into this), and it was literally a flawless day in so many ways…This year proved more than EVER that I am a Tuesday person, through and through. Anyone with me on that? I was so sad to leave my wittle babies, but so thrilled with the way every single delegate walked out of that week as a more open, compassionate, thoughtful and constructive individual than s/he had walked in as. I also got to a) wear my butterfly pumps (any day involving those babies is a phenom day in my book) and b) have an indoor water fight during Thursday morning energizers with my “boss”: him & a bottle of water vs. me & the tsunami x-blaster. It was invigorating, to say the least.

3)Columbus. I stopped on my way home from Dayton for an OASC reunion which was absolutely incredible. I love seeing old friends! 🙂 Unfortunately for me, everyone I was with wanted to have breakfast together the next morning, so I ate at Bob Evans for the THIRD time in SIX days just before departure. I don’t even like that place. Only during summer workshop season do I even consider dining there…We decided we’re converting to First Watch next year, in case anyone cares. Anyway, I got to see the OSU Oval for the first time, and I also got a new pet alligator (Bianca) out of the deal, so I’d say it was well worth it!

4) Today. We (as in the el senors & senoritas) had a wine party at Shepka’s (for those of you who don’t know him, he’s our former band director/stuco advisor/mentor in life). It was good company, as always, but I am an absolute and utter oenophile, so the wine was absolutely GLORIOUS. 2 bottles from Italy, 2 from Oregon, 1 from Napa Valley…As said a trillion times in my previous posts, red is by far my fave, but we had a delectable proseco (look it up) that made me more open to what white has to offer. Regardless, it was deLISH and we ended up chatting for more than 6 hours. I love my best friends so very much.

Tomorrow is the last day I can eat. Big decisions have to be made on what food items I should choose. I am having my wisdom teeth (not the supernumerary one, don’t worry) out Tuesday, so there are a few scenarios that could result from the surgery: a) I will be out of commission on this blog for a short while, b) I will be bored out of my mind and will do nothing but blog while slightly hopped up on some sort of painkiller, or c) I will die from the anesthesia they give me because I don’t know how I’ll react to it until I’m exposed to it, and this will be my last blog entry EVER. ::nervous laughter:: Don’t you think you should go tell the people you care about how much you love them right about now?

Oh, a direct result of me spending a week at an OASC event is an uncontrollable use of overly affectionate and endearing terms when referring to everyone/thing I encounter. Therefore, GOODBYE FOR NOW, MY LOVELY CUTIE BABY DARLING SWEET BEAUTIES!


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