I have this totally newfound obsession with baking.  Ever since I learned that things taste better when they are not burnt (I’m not sure why I used to burn things and then think I was totally original for eating it “crispy”) I have really opened up the genre of people willing to eat my food.  Take for example Shawn.  He would eat anything, crispy or undercooked, and probably comment the same amount about the disaster.  Take for example, my roommate Andrea.  She would equally eat anything, but when she is actually enjoying it she would affirm you beyond belief and make you feel excellent about your creation.  So I’m going to make brownies tonight to sneak into HARRY POTTER so I can be the happiest person there.  

Yesterday was a rather uneventful day, but the sun was beautiful.  So I finished all my lab work early, called my good friend Rachel Csonka up, and suggested that was go to “The Enclave” (a mid-level apartment complex) to go swimming and lay out poolside.  Rachel agrees and we head over to meet Shawn, Netti, Emily Jones, and her friend (I think) Melissa.  This is a private pool, but we have walked through the gate a couple of times before without question.  Well, this unfortunate Enclave-employee (I would also hate my life if I worked there) came around and was asking people there apartment numbers, names, etc. and kicked out about half of the people at the pool.  No one was causing any trouble!  There is no certified life guard on duty, swim at your own risk!!  So Shawn coaxes me into saying my name is “Rosie” (Who happens to be Netti’s girlfriend) and I live in apt. 523.  Rachel says she won’t do it, and I do have blonde hair like Rosie, so here I go on the road to becoming a liar:

ME: “Hi, I’m Rosie.  I live in apartment 523.”
SNOTTY EMPLOYEE: “What is your last name?”
ME: “umm…my last name is– D’Riussario” (That is spelled phonetically correct, she is 100% Italian)
ME: “D U-R-I-S-A-R-I-O”
BITCH: “Again.”
ME: “D’R-A-S-I-R-I-O. Do you see my name?”
BITCH: “Hmm. We have a Roseitta living in apartment 523 that actually spells her last name as D-I-R-U-G-G-I-E-R-O”
ME: “Hmm. Well perhaps your office can check that out.”

Needless to say, Rachel and I drove off before she came back from checking things out.  And now because I’m a liar that is not very tan, I have to find a new option to become a bronze goddess, because I am no longer welcome at The Enclave.  No matter.  HARRY POTTER IS TONIGHT, and I have 100 more pages left in re-reading the book!  So this evening Andrea and I are going to bicycle to the Dollar Store, get some candy, bake some brownies, and have the best evening of cinema to date in the HARRY POTTER SAGA!!!!  The book is so so so good though.  Good luck, Rupert Grint.  I hope you’re feeling better after your quick battle with The Swine.

Ride Slow… 

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