Tall House Blend

Judging by the title of this article, yes I’m becoming a little homesick. I think it’s mostly because I keep getting teased when I see all of my excellent friends from home and then I mosey on back to my college house where the only thing to eat is noodles and some sort of deli-sandwich and I instantly feel nostalgic.

But to recap the very exciting weekend in chi-city! Molly’s apartment/flat/top-floor-of-a-huge-house was AMAZING! Looked a lot like her: long white walls, bedrooms were all painted a different color, wooden flooring, bright flowers, I don’t know if “Molly” is an adjective but I’m going to end with “Molly.” [And just so I feel better about my house, my bedroom is NOT plain for the record.] But we went to a very trendy restaurant Friday evening after an obnoxious ride on the “L” or “EL” or whatever the written abbrev. is for “Elevated Train.” The restaurant was called “Feast” (http://www.feastrestaurant.com/)—I do not know how to post links like you guys do—and our waiter was an asshole because we didn’t want to order a $17 glass of wine. I like wine, but I usually buy a box and end up slapping the bag by the end of the night. Food was premium, however. We went to The Terrace that Molly recently blogged about; to her dismay the exact same host was working as the night before that she took her friends there–kind of funny.
I will let Shawn post about Johnson or our hiking excursion, it may be funnier coming from him because all of have to say about hiking in the rain is: Wait for the rain to stop before you start a nine mile hike.
On Saturday after hiking we went (sopping wet) to an IKEA!!! This is one of my favorite stores EVER!!! You can eat, furnish an entire house, and get lost in a warehouse all in one trip!!! Becky was less excited about this stop (but still she did not complain once) because she lives a mere ten minutes away from the heaven we visited. The closest Ikea we have in Cleveland (or the one my Dad seems to jump to is in Pittsburgh and that’s a long drive in my little brother’s truck). I got the coolest wall sticker to spruce up my plain room, a knife (because we do not have one knife in my whole house), and a toilet brush scrubber for 99 cents. I also got cake. See what I mean?!? Cake AND decorative items. You can’t beat that shit.
Quite a bit more happened over the weekend, but it’s time for me to go check out my drying gel. I will blog soon about what I actually do in lab, because I sound like all I do is wait for things to dry at work. Much love from afar…

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