Venti Awake tea with honey

Today is rather ordinary, but I woke up with a cool scratchy voice ( and I really have been owning it.

Went into the lab a little late because I busied myself with lots of things going on around campus–Chris Grigrella (an orientation leader) found the ONE family from Elyria that is visiting Bowling Green today and literally shouted across the entire union to tell me where they were. I answered all the questions that you have as an 18 year old girl and are unembarassed enough to ask an acquaintance: Am I going to run out of meal plan, did you? (Just eat when you’re hungry, but yes I did gain 15 pounds freshman year so tread with caution) Does my dorm have air conditioning? (Do you count a box fan as central air?) I’m only taking 14 credit hours, should I take more? (Well if you want to graduate on time, think about another class. Or just jump on the five year plan like the majority of the students at BGSU and get comfortable here)

But jumping ahead to the good news–my samples finally worked today!! For the past THREE days I have been moving a clear liquid around into different tubes, running gels, and then looking at nothing when I’d go to take a picture of the image. BUT (insert drum roll here)–I figured out what I did wrong! I just diluted the primers I was using ten times too much!! Silly Katelyn–if someone handed me coffee that was diluted ten times and expected me to work a full day, I wouldn’t work either! So now I just need to repeat everything I did over the past three days over again, which seems to be what scientists always do anyways so its whatever.

So I ran some errands after work: went to the library to try and renew Arrested Development Season 2 (someone had reserved it after me, to my misfortune) and went to walmart to grab a few things. Found out the hard way that buying the cheapest toothpaste is not always your best option. Things like fresh breath really are worth splurging for. So I bought NEW toothpaste, a $5 movie, etc and came home. I’m blogging about toothpaste, it may be time to sign off for now. This was not my best work and the dontgochasin‘ site is pretty new, so please don’t judge pre-maturely what type of an impact I can have on the world.

For now, friends…


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