Where are our friends?!

Greetings from the newest face of LUC’s Student Promise! I was greeted with this postcard at work today. That pic is from Welcome Week 3 years ago, when I enjoyed a free architectural tour on the Chi River. 😉

I was going to refrain from blogging until our other friends posted, but seeing as only half of those invited even signed in and all 10 blogs have been from 3 of us, I decided to just blog to my heart’s content.

First, I’d like to address apt212. Matt Forrest dear, I’m sorry for never linking our readers to our muse blog before this. I am sorry I did not give you credit for the BL(ogr)eunion. I never entered into blogging with ill intentions toward your heart/your feelings. I edited the “favorite thing,” hopefully to your liking, and I want this to be a public apology so you know how serious I am about my remorse. Oxford should watch for me…and I will buy you a Goose Island when I come to ease any remaining tension.

Next, Put-In-Bay. It’s already been discussed, but I want to share MY highlights:
-Hitching a ride on the back of a stranger’s golf cart, on top of their duffel bags full of empty beer cans.
-Getting the whole ferry to sing happy birthday to Erin and Chrissa.
-Pirate’s Weekend. (!!!!) Of COURSE I dressed like the pirate that I am. People recognized Shawn even when he was back in street clothes. I personally think it was the women’s gauchos that made him so memorable, but he’s pretty adament that it was the dreads (or at least he HOPES it’s the dreads) that made him stand out.
The falling down contest. Shabizz canNOT be left out– not only did he take me down bodyslam style during our dance party, but he also fell out of his chair– backwards– while we were out. Does that mean nothing to the judges of this competition?!

I got a call at 9am today (and 10, 10:26, and 11:47…) from none other than Dong Hyun Song, my favorite (read: only) Korean friend. He goes to UChicago, and his mother is visiting from Korea. She wanted to have lunch with me. HOLLA! When our choice local restaurant was closed, we resorted to Chipotle and– surprise– SHE LOVED IT! We enjoyed a meal full of beans, rice and spicy deliciousness while Dong tried to snub her Korean-speaking self out of the conversation because he’s already spent many consecutive days with her. I hope my not-yet-conceived son never treats me like that when I go visit him abroad and treat his best friends to lunch…

I made soup tonight, a form of art that I absolutely adore but am not yet very good at. It was ok– nothing raveworthy. Split pea is my sole soup area of expertise; I wish I could be better at other types too. I’m learning. Biz also reminded me of my self-made unemployment promise of relearning guitar, since right now it’s literally just taking up space in my armoire (in 3 paragraphs, you’ll be even more sad that I don’t have an actual closet).

My friend Eli is coming to visit starting tomorrow! We met in 7th grade and have been penpals/presences in each others’ lives ever since. He spent all academic year in Bologna, Italy so a get-together is well overdue. He promised to bring a bottle of (red, my fave) wine from his trip so we can enjoy it over even more delicious conversation.

This weekend brings KATELYN, SHAWN, and BECKY back into my life, this time in my neck of the woods– literally. We’re taking on a piece of Illinois wilderness to live in a gloriously rugged as we celebrate freedom from the motherland.

Amid all this excitement and positive energy, I have started to pack up my earthly belongings that share this tiny little 7×9.5 box that is my room (at least I have my own bathroom, yeah?). I’m excited to draw nearer to my many July/August happenings in OH (and to saving $700 by not paying rent), but I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I wasn’t terribly sad to permanently bid the girls (and bugs) of 1062 farewell. It’s been a wonderful run, but even good things must come to an end sometimes.

My horoscopes the past 2 weeks have really been getting me. How do they do it?!
I’m a little worked up that this blog’s time stamp is in EST, by the way.
And sorry I can’t be concise for the life of me…

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