Grande iced coffee with nonfat milk

Ok, this was much more fun with molly here yelling at me to post so she could have the computer next…to post. But her leaving was inevitable, and I’ll be in chi city in less than a business week (so that is also an upper).
I think it should be of note that the apt212 blog is clearly pushing all of the credit to one individual (at this point I am opting to not name names–coughmollycough) and I do not think that there should still be a grudge because I simply toasted inappropriately ONCE.

Good weekends always make Mondays feel more Monday-ish. The next door neighbors and myself converted our yards into an ultimate croquet course yesterday. I didn’t realize how cutthroat of a game croquet really is! It’s all fun and breezy while you’re trying to get the ball under the pretty arches. Then when you finally finish the course you go around and try to hit everyone else’s ball and “poison” them to death!!! Needless to say, I was the first one out. I got over it quite quickly when I realized I was in last place the entire game and there always has to be the first one out for things, I guess?

Shawn and I went grocery shopping after the croquet match. If you have never been shopping with Shawn, you’re better off. Keep it that way. Not only does he aimlessly wander around Meijer Supercenter (which in any supercenter you need some sort of an idea where you’re going or else you will get lost quite quickly) but he goes back down isles he has already been down!!!! Luckily I only went for a “light” shopping day. And he pushed me around on the front of the cart for a second, so it’s like I can’t complain too much about circular shopping. Ben and Jerry’s was on sale (SCORE) and I got some bitchin‘ sauce for pasta tonight.

Well that’s it for now, my samples should be done coasting down their gel and I need to take a picture of them. FOUR MORE DAYS until the camping adventure!!!!! My throat better start feeling better so I can once again drink too much and sleep on a damp floor with only one blanket (this time with a sleeping bag).
ride slow, homes


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