My pretties, here we are again.

So this is a very special blogging moment for dontgochasingwaterfalls– it is a JOINT EFFORT between Katelyn and Molly. We’re sitting in Katelyn’s bed and Molly’s car is packed up and ready to ACTUALLY head back to Chicago– like for real this time. She may have encountered attempts to keep her in BG for all eternity, but she has a meeting to go back to this afternoon so there’s no way out. The inevitable is about to take place in 10 minutes, but we decided to seize the opportunity to blog together one last time before standing on our own 2 feet. It is truly the end of an amazing legacy on Court Street!

Our throats hurt. We think it has something to do with the perpetually damp floor that was our bed 2 nights ago. While we’re gracious for Emily’s hospitality, it obviously doesn’t mix well with lots of dancing and screaming and lack of proper hydration. Stay tuned to find out what happens in our epic throat saga!

No air conditioning sucks, on account of the fact that if we close the wrong door in Katelyn’s house, we instantly create a sauna out of what was once her bedroom. She wants the world to acknowledge how important air flow is in houses built before 1978. Molly would like to add a little suggestion to pay attention to lead-based paint for houses built before that time, too. Which leads us to tell all of you that Katelyn had to sign a waiver about the dangers of lead-based paint in the house she’s residing in for the next year. Which, in the end, leads Molly to wonder if the damp floor really is the cause of our sore throats.

Last night=insane dance fest. ABSOLUTELY crazy. We went to Clazel’s, which, for those of you who do not know these parts well, is an old theater converted into a giant barspace with a mad hazy dance floor. Pretty cool. It would have been even more fun if the creepy 30-year-old men had stopped stalking the women of our group as though we were fieldmice who would satiate the hunger of a giant hawk. Stay tuned to Molly’s vlog rant from our PIB trip regarding this subject of objectifying people. (Hint: if you do this, then don’t try to be Molly’s friend; she will snub you.) Anyway, Clazel’s, much like Katelyn’s house, lacks proper air flow and the awesome dance party also allowed us to do enough working out for the rest of the summer. There was mild consideration of showering post-bar because we felt so icky. Regardless (or maybe due to) this fact, it was an excellent, excellent way to celebrate the awesome week that we’ve just had together.

To all of the BG loves, thank you thank you for hosting Molly and putting up with her shenanigans. She had so much fun (enough to stay in Ohio 5 days longer than originally planned) and can’t wait to come back. She even got an offer from Brian to father her children, which is something she is very interested in. (DRC!!) She also wants all of you to come visit her. Please. 🙂

It’s been real. We really don’t want this entry to be over, but we’re cowgirling up and doing it anyway. We’re going to go jump on Shawn to wake his sorry butt up, and then we’re all going our separate ways…for almost an entire week. There’s a rumored Wisconsin camping trip for the weekend of the 4th. Anyone else in for the fun?!

SPECIAL WISDOM BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE GREAT PHILOSOPHER BALLY: The definition of “gurd.” (Pronounced grrrd) v. Meaning to participate in a bowel movement and a regurgitation simultaneously. Made famous by drunks on their 21st birthday.


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