What have you done…

I’ll have the “Dontgochasingwaterfalls” dashboard know that both Katelyn and Molly attacked me at work today (in the computer lab) with intentions of saying hello. Two hours later, I can still hear Molly giggling about her blog from my desk while Katelyn continues to text her from work explaining her desire to be blogging as I type.

Dear Matt Smola,

If you are reading this, you have probably already realized the impact your life has made. I have not heard your name in a few years, and yet you are starting a revolution in other parts of the world. Please tell me how you do it.

Your Former Boy Scout Companion,
-Shawn Bally

ps. I hope my parents don’t get on here. If they find out I use to smoke Black and Milds, they may withdraw me from school!!

Oh and Pat, you suck at life.


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