The beginning of the end.

Hello Katelyn. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi.  (For those of you that have not had the pleasure of being awake while I snore next to you, I set multiple alarms in the morning— all of which I sleep through which is neither here nor there. And so by means of tricking my tired-version-of-myself I title my alarms things like ‘Hello Katelyn’ or just ‘Hi’ if I don’t have the patience to type myself motivational sentences at night.)

Welcome to the best blog ever!!!! Write things here!! We will undoubtably laugh at you!! But in that awesome-best-friends-sort-of-way!!!  Okay I’m going to be late for work (which I always am) but when you only work with 3 people in your lab, one of them being Olga (which you should be very afraid of…) you’re never really in a hurry to get there.
Mad love, ride slow homies…

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