I am piddling myself with excitement.

Katelyn and I just dreamed this up, inspired by the boys of apt212 in Oxford, and we think we’re pretty clever.  A DM blog?!  Life really couldn’t get any better.  I can’t wait until everyone else becomes a contributor!!! 😀

So I’m in BG for the second time in a week, despite the fact that 1) I’m paying rent in Chicago; 2) my parents think I’m back in Chicago; 3) my dad is on BG’s campus taking some EHS kids on a campus tour.  I love it here!  It’s so fun being at schools so different from what I’m used to in the city.  Plus, I always get to wake up in the bed of one of my best friends, which is definitely something that cannot be said about life at Loyola.  I’m way WAY enthused about that.  Last night was glorious and tonight shouldn’t be much different in terms of its excellence.  
I need to mentally prepare myself for the mind-blowing experience that is Pirate weekend on the island.   I went from, “I’m not going to be in Ohio that weekend” to “I am so broke so I would never be able to afford it” to “I’ll see how much money I have when I hit the road on Wednesday” to “Come on, Shawn, you HAVE to go with me!”  I’m pretty proud of my progress. 
I don’t really feel like writing anything else, but I am so so SO excited that this has been created.  This is going to be perfect.
Predictions for this blog (other than the “perfection” expectation listed above):
-The boys will use it to take cheaps shots at the girls (and at each other).
-Kelly will be against the idea of this, but she’ll still use it.
-Danny will forget that the blog even exists sometimes.
-All of our posts will be good. ALWAYS.
-Our comments to each others’ posts will be even better.
-Pat and Shawn will battle for the “worst spelling and grammar” award.
-Katelyn’s posts will either involve really long stories or will be, like, a sentence long.  (example: I have so much to tell you about what happened this week but I’m late for work so I’ll do it tomorrow!)
-We will sucker Shepka into “following” our blog within the next year.
-Somebody’s parent will find out about this and use it to their advantage (i.e. our disadvantage).

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